• We deal with the treatment of diseases that are difficult to give in to standard therapy. 
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About us​
Complex approach and restoration of the organism with the help of bioregulation methods​

MC UBIAY is an international clinic of family and restorative medicine of premium class, providing complex support of a person throughout the life cycle. Since 2011, we are working in the luxury segment, guided by a holistic approach to the body and applying bioregulation drugs and methods.

Our clients are patients who need treatment and / or rehabilitation, as well as people of different ages who care for their health and the health of their families.

Complex screening of the state of health in the "express" mode for one day, in the conditions of one clinic. Restoration of the body with complex bioregulatory schemes for 7-13 days.

Our advantages​
Full screening of health in the "express" mode in the conditions of one medical center
Selection of the optimal route of health
Individual algorithm of patient
management by bioregulation methods within the framework of therapy programs, prevention, rehabilitation
Help 24/7
Operative consultations in a convenient format (full-time (in the medical center), telephone, on-line)
Medical service for the whole family
Support by a family doctor during consultations and surgical interventions
Request for treatment​
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